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About our Company

Welcome to Banner Flower House, your trusted florist serving the Kokomo area since 1906. As a locally-owned and operated business, we take pride in being a part of the community fabric for over a century. Banner Flower House has a rich history embedded in the heart of Kokomo, spanning generations and evolving with the times. It's remarkable how the business has persevered through various challenges, from financial difficulties to changes in ownership, yet maintained its commitment to quality and service. The story of William and Josephine Bitler's initial struggles and subsequent transfer of ownership sets the stage for a tale of resilience and adaptation. It's fascinating to see how each subsequent owner contributed to the growth and modernization of Banner Flower House, from growing their flowers in the large glass greenhouses to expanding floral design services, and then embracing technological advancements like computers. Using recycled materials for floral arrangements during the Hoover era reflects innovation and a commitment to sustainability, which remains relevant today. The transition to Janice Quakenbush Lagzdins and her daughters, Michelle Herr, and Debra Archer, marked another chapter in the business's evolution, culminating in the construction of a modern retail space. 

Owner, Michelle Herr's, involvement in industry associations like the Great Lakes Floral Association and her service on the Teleflora Board speaks volumes about the dedication of Banner Flower House to not just its local community but also the broader floral industry. As Banner Flower House continues to thrive and serve the Kokomo area with its beautiful floral creations and exceptional service, it's clear that its legacy is built not just on longevity but on a relentless pursuit of excellence. Lead Designer, Michelle Soupley's, certification as an AIFD member certainly highlights the high standards of skill and expertise maintained by Banner Flower House's design team. Achieving accreditation from the American Institute of Floral Designers is no small feat and underscores the dedication to excellence that permeates the business. Moreover, the certification of Kymbra Tucker and Grace Morrow as Certified Florists further reinforces the commitment of Banner Flower House to providing top-notch service and staying abreast of the latest trends and techniques in the floral industry. The rigorous examination process they underwent demonstrates their proficiency in floral artistry and plant care, ensuring that customers receive nothing but the best quality floral arrangements.

Kymbra Tucker's recognition as the Young Person of the Year at the Great Lakes Floral and Event Expo is a testament to her talent and potential within the industry. It's clear that Banner Flower House not only values experience but also nurtures young talent, fostering a dynamic and innovative environment within the business. With such a skilled and dedicated team of designers, Banner Flower House continues to uphold its legacy of excellence and innovation, providing the Kokomo area with stunning floral creations and exceptional service for generations to come.

Anna Berry's tenure of over 15 years at Banner Flower House speaks volumes about her dedication to providing exceptional customer service. In an industry where personal connections and understanding customer needs are paramount, having someone like Anna on the team is invaluable.As our Sales Manager, Anna plays a crucial role in ensuring that every customer interaction is positive and memorable. Her extensive experience equips her with the knowledge of the business's products and services and allows her to anticipate and address customer needs effectively. Because of our dedicated team, customers can rest assured that they will receive beautiful floral creations and exceptional service that makes every occasion special.

In addition to serving Kokomo (46901 and 46902), we also extend our services to surrounding areas including Greentown (46936), Galveston (46932), Tipton (46072), Russiaville (46979), Sharpsville (46068), Peru (46970), and Burlington (46915). Wherever you are, we're here to bring beauty and joy into your life with our stunning floral creations.

A Brief History of Banner Flower House

The history of Banner Flower House spans over a century, starting from its acquisition by William and Josephine Bitler in July 1906. Despite facing initial financial difficulties, they managed to navigate through by mortgaging the property. However, their marriage faced turmoil, leading to divorce proceedings in 1914 and again in 1920. Eventually, Josephine became the sole owner and then transferred the property to William and Cora Bruner in 1923, who in turn passed it on to William and Kathryn Wentz in the same year.

Under Mrs. Wentz's management, the business expanded into floral design, with Martha Gerard assisting in operations. The greenhouses were also expanded during this time. Notably, the use of recycled materials like large tin cans from a local restaurant decorated with crepe paper for funeral bouquets was introduced during the ownership of D.N. and Roxie Hoover, who acquired the property in 1928.

The Hoovers' sons, David and Rex, took over after World War II and modernized the business by embracing the Computer Age. In 1995, upon the Hoovers' retirement, Janice Quakenbush Lagzdins and her daughters Michelle Herr and Debra Archer took ownership. A new building was constructed on the original site in 2001, transforming Banner Flower House into a state-of-the-art retail florist with modern amenities. Today, the business continues to thrive with a dedicated team of 10 employees and 2 delivery vans, serving the Kokomo community. Their commitment to excellence has been recognized, as they have been voted the "Best Place to Buy a Bouquet" by the Kokomo Tribune.


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