carn.jpgCarnations are long lasting and fragrant.

Red: Admiration

Pink: Remembrance

White: Pure Love & Innocence


Gladioli are tall flowers and are beautiful in large and elegant

traditional funeral sprays.


The gladiolus represents strength of character and moral intergrity.

Rose.jpgRoses are one of the most recognizable flowers.

White: Reverence, innocence and youthfulness

Red: Respect, love and courage

Pink: Love, Grace and appreciation

Yellow: Friendship and strong ties

A single rose in a bouquet is an

expression of enduring love for the deceased



      Lilies symbolize innocence that has been restored to the soul of the departed.


White Lilies: Sympathy, majesty and purity

daisy.jpgChrysanthemums symbolize truth and


are generally regarded as positive.

peace_lily.jpgPeace Lilies are thought to promote peace and harmony after a death.


Christians view white lilies as symbolic of the Virgin Mary.