Nektar Flow Farms  - click to read the story in The Kokomo Tribune

Nektar Flow Farms is a bee, bird, insect and native plant sanctuary located in Peru, Indiana. We are a chemical-free mini-farm since 2011. Our bees are not fed sugar water, only flower nectar and pollen.


Popcorn Cafe - click to read the story in The Kokomo Tribune

 At the Popcorn Café we boast of using the highest quality of ingredients. It starts with a coconut oil to pop the popcorn in daily. The Popcorn is a high grade of mushroom popcorn, which bursts into a large kernel when combined with the coconut oil. Real cheese and flavorful spices are used in our cooking as well.

All ingredients are chosen wisely by us for the best experience you can have as a consumer. Whether you choose butter popcorn or our signature popcorn, Kokomo Krunch, you won’t be disappointed in the flavor or quality of our products.

The owner, Grace Jones, wanted to bring a fun store to Kokomo where there would be something enjoyable for all people. And popcorn is just plain fun!

Whether it is a snack in the car or a wedding buffet, the Popcorn Café will meet your needs. Birthday parties, and showers all seem a bit more festive with our colourful and scrumptious popcorn.

Joe's Jerky - click to read the story in The Kokomo Tribune


Joe’s jerky really started by circumstance in 2011. Joe Martino loved jerky but was not satisfied with the heavily processed, mass produced jerky that was sold in stores. Tiring of rarely, if ever, being able to find true, old fashioned , natural , jerky as it is supposed to be, Joe began experimenting at making his own.

Joe’s jerky is old fashioned jerky with a new twist. We use only top quality ingredients and beef, and keep our product simple and natural, yet bursting with flavor. We take pride n making some of the best beef jerky in the country and hope you will agree.


Joe’s Jerky is a small, local business in North-Central Indiana. We may be small, but our products contain no preservatives or MSG so you can always count on our jerky being fresh. We don’t have the ability to produce thousands of pounds of jerky to sit on a shelf for over a year. Because ours is home made and all natural, the shelf-life on our jerky is measured in months, rather than years. We think you will appreciate this freshness – not that it will last that long anyway!


We think you will agree that once you have tried our jerky, that it really is some of the best you can buy. Plus, you can feel good about eating a wholesome, nutritious snack. Joe’s jerky is available in 3-ounce or 1 pound packages and makes either a great snack while on the go or great gifts. Heck, make it a meal! Eating a bag of Joe’s Jerky in place of a meal is a great way to stick to any diet plan. 

My husband said to me, there's no way I can eat all of that jam! So I told him that we could give it all away to our friends and family. He replied, maybe we can sell some of it. So, one thing led to another and here I am in a full blown business selling Jam, Gift baskets and Candy.

I started out selling my homemade jam at craft shows, City Markets, and fruit stands. My husband and I would get up very early in the morning every Saturday and travel from town to town. We would set up our booth display with all sorts of gift baskets and jam. 

The turn out was good most of the time, and I really enjoyed talking to the people about my products and allowing them to sample all the flavors I offered. Then at the end of the day we would load everything back up and drive home. It was a lot of work but well worth the effort. 

The response has been so excellent over my homemade jam that we are beginning to offer it in some of the local stores here in Kokomo, Indiana. Also we are actually in the process of selling it to stores in other states such as, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Cooking has always been one of my favorite things to do, and having my own business has always been one of the desires of my life. So to be doing them both at the same time is really a blessing from God.